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The Benefits of Taking Adaptogens


The benefits

We already know that the world around us is in constant chaos and that chaos increases daily. We cannot change the world around us with a snap of our fingers, but we can help ourselves attain an edge over our stressors. The human body cannot tolerate beyond a certain amount of stress; it has been shown that stress can result in psychological and physical issues. One of the physical issues with bearing excessive stress is decreased immunity, which makes us prone to getting ailments like flu and fever.

Adaptogens are potent agents that promote natural wellness. They work holistically with body mechanisms such as the immune, endocrine, and nervous systems to help your body combat evolving stressors. They can help put off going towards pharmaceutical drugs for a long time. It is in no way a negation of pharmaceutical medications, though; if your healthcare provider or doctor thinks you need medication, you should heed what they say. It is also important to tell your doctor about the range of adaptogens you are taking or planning to take before going on pharmaceutical medication. 

Adaptogens should not be taken as a cure-all; instead, healthy lifestyle changes and natural supplements are vital to living a better, well-balanced life. Adaptogens boost your body and provide numerous physical and mental health benefits.

Examples of

Mental Health Benefits Include:

* Lessening mental stress and exhaustion

* Improving focus, attention span, and memory

* Aiding in healthy sleep patterns

* Boosting cognitive function

* Alleviating occasional anxiety and depression.

* Inducing a state of relaxation and calming nerves.

Examples of

Physical Health Benefits Include:

* Facilitating normal inflammatory responses

* Providing antioxidant effects for the body

* Supporting vitality and better aging

* Improving physical endurance and performance

* Providing sustained energy levels

* Supporting sexual health and wellness

* Supporting effective immune function and response

* Regulating optimum blood sugar levels.

Talking to Your Doctor About

Taking Adaptogens:

Adaptogens add an extra layer of protection against external stressors and help you live healthily. It is essential to consult with your doctor before taking any adaptogens. As said before, adaptogens are not a cure-all and not a replacement for medication. If you want to add adaptogens as a supplement, you need to inform your doctor so they can make informed decisions regarding your choice. Some adaptogens tend to react to medication or interfere with the medication’s action. You can always choose what adaptogens suits you best without interfering with the medication you are already taking with your doctor’s help. It is not advised to discontinue your prescription medication to take adaptogens.

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