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How Adaptogens Help the Body Manage Stress


Fighting stress

Adaptogens have a specific mechanism of action: they tend to balance the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. The HPA-axis is the key player behind your body’s stress response. When you face stressors, such as preparing for an important meeting, waiting in traffic, or just worrying about a random comment on your social media, your HPA axis is fully engaged and your autonomic nervous system and immune system. Your body releases certain hormones that activate the “fight or flight response” or acute stress response. This causes your body to have hormonal un-equilibrium, especially if your reactions to stressors are aggravated by pre-existing anxiety or depression.

Adaptogens enable the body to achieve a state of homeostasis by upgrading or downgrading the HPA axis to maintain equilibrium, leading to a calmer state of mind, making you better able to analyze and manage your stressors. 

Because of their ability to regulate your HPA axis, you need to take adaptogens that target specific trouble areas. For example, if you need help with sleeping or to manage your focus better as you work. You need to identify these areas first to find the adaptogens or a combination that works best for you. 

Finding the

Best Time to Take Your Adaptogens:

Given that some kinds of adaptogens stimulate the body while others induce a state of calmness, you should outline a plan where you take them according to your body’s needs. For example, Ashwagandha causes restfulness and should be taken in the evening to aid in better sleep. Stimulating adaptogens like eleuthero should be taken during the day. 

Consistency is Key

Do you know why doctors recommend certain medications be taken at the same time every day? There is a reason behind this. The therapy or dosage of medicine only works when a constant concentration level is maintained in the blood. This is also valid for adaptogens. Consistently taking your adaptogens at the same time every day helps to maintain concentration in the bloodstream, allowing you to reap optimum benefits.

Taking your vitamins in a manner that conforms to your daily schedule may benefit you better. Adaptogens also function on the whole body, and their advantages accumulate over time. Unlike certain plants that provide an initial sense of relaxation, Adaptogens have more substantial long-term benefits.

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