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You Deserve to feel good

Organic Sea Moss Capsules with bladderwrack and burdock root

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Melt Into the Feeling of Tranquility

These medicinal plants can provide natural relief from a multitude of hormone related disorders such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, insomnia, PCOS, menopause, PMS and more! Ideal for daily use, or to be taken on a situational basis!

Enhance Focus
Balance Cortisol
Boost Energy
Decrease Anxiety
Increase Awareness


A stimulating and energizing blend of nootropic and adaptogenic herbs.

Lemon Balm

Schisandra Berries

Siberian Ginseng

Holy Basil





A calming and sedative blend of adaptogens and nervine herbs.

Decrease Stress
Restore Balance
Decrease Brain Fog
Fight Insomnia
Increase Awareness

Lemon Balm




Passion Flower


Holy Basil


Immune Function
Balance Mood
Weight Management
Metabolism Aid
Thyroid Function

Wildcrafted Sea Moss

Natures most nutrient dense superfood. 100% pure wildcrafted Sea Moss, Burdock root and Bladderwrack vegan capsules.

Wildcrafted sea moss

Burdock Root


Verified Customer Reviews

Title says it all! I got this for my daughter who suffers from PTSD and she loves it! My sons and I tried it for a couple of days too and rave reviews from them too! Needless to say I’ll be placing another order very soon lol

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Sana S. Verified Buyer

I am absolutely OBSESSED with this duo. I’ve noticed a huge difference to how I’m feeling now. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks that’s why I’m barely leaving a review, I wanted to really see if it worked and well.. it does! My anxiety feels better now and I can honestly say it’s because of these herbal blends. I will continue to buy once I run out for sure. 10/10

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Gissel M. Verified Buyer

I really enjoyed the products! The unwind was perfect for after those long work days of lifting and grinding. It reallI’ve ordered Melts uplift and unwind about 4 months ago... I felt amazing. Forgot to order four a couple of months & ive seen a significant change where I became clouded and anxious. Got back on it a week ago & my life has been changed again. I recommend this to anyone. I’ll never run out ever again.y took that edge off to put me in a relaxed state during my down time at home. Im not big on coffee so the uplift helps me a lot in the morning for a kick to get my day started!

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Dania B. Verified Buyer

I have to admit that I was skeptical when my counsellor suggested this product to me. I couldn’t imagine that something like this would do anything for me when I struggle so deeply with anxiety and depression. But it has done WONDERS. I have noticed my overall mood has improved so much since taking this product. Not to mention the owner of the brand is incredibly sweet and helpful. I would definitely recommend it!!

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Cara C. Verified Buyer

I have used this for a few days and I absolutely feel the difference!
I have not had to take my prescribed medication and I just cannot be more relieved

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Lucie R. Verified Buyer

I take it in the morning before going to work. It gives me the energy while keeping me focus at work. Also reduced my stress level. It does live up to it's name!

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Maria S. Verified Buyer

I struggle a lot with anxiety but I work as a bartender full time surrounded by people over 40 hours a week… I am regularly looking for things that help me conquer my anxiety and not feel overly burnt out by the end of my shifts and this mix has seriously worked wonders for me. I’ve stayed in a much better mood throughout my shift and get home with energy still socialize with my boyfriend and not want to immediately hide once I’m out of work everyday.

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Hope Verified Buyer

Helps me get my day started and really relaxes me to the point where I’m sleepy. I’m not sure if that’s just me but instead of taking 1ml I take .5 but overall it’s great to have!

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Jennifer D. Verified Buyer

Discover The Benefits of Plant Medicines

Uplift blend in the morning for that boost of energy, motivation, mood and mental clarity.

Unwind blend at night to calm the mind and help melt away the anxiety.

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Reviews from Professional Athletes

I had back spasms and took some of the night oil. It definitely helped me relax. I was taking 0.5ml and ended up doubling the dosage but its been helping me especially with sleep.

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Torrey Craig Indiana Pacers NBA

My blue bottle for the snooze. My pink for relaxing and focus, I'm on the pink heavy.

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Landon Collins Washington Football Team NFL

I really enjoyed the products! The unwind was perfect for after those long work days of lifting and grinding. It really took that edge off to put me in a relaxed state during my down time at home. Im not big on coffee so the uplift helps me a lot in the morning for a kick to get my day started!

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DJ Reader Cincinnati Bengals NFL

Blue bottle is my fav cause it makes me extra melo. I'm already a melo person but the blue gives me those great relaxing vibes I need after a long day. The pink gets me going and focused. I felt like I was always on alert.

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Ryan Smith LA Chargers NFL

Really enjoy the night one for helping me sleep soundly through the night even through some of my more stressful times like moving last week. And I don’t notice the day time one as much because I drink coffee, but I’ve found it helps on days when I feel a little bit groggy or sore from tough training just to get back into a more alert space.

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Shanice Marcele Canadian Olympic Volleyball

Good morning good morning good morning, thank you thank you thank you, I wanna tell you your product is gonna be the sh*t. It was so actually good! I love the oils big time!

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Greivis Vasquez NBA G league coach/ former NBA star

FAQ Heading

The simple answer is no. These herbal blends are made with adaptogens that target the adrenal system and create homeostasis (balance). However, during pregnancy we don't actually want to balance out hormones as they will be at irregular levels necessary to nurture the growing fetus. They are however safe directly after giving birth.

An adaptogen is a natural substance (herb, mushroom, or root) that helps the body adapt and build a resistance to various forms of stress (emotional, physical, and environmental). In order for a substance to be classified as an ‘adaptogen’ three qualifications must be met. These botanical treasures must be safe and non-toxic, produce a non-specific response in the body thereby enhancing resistance to stress, and have a normalizing impact on the body returning the stressed physiological state to a normalized state.

According to certain doctors, if a child has ongoing stress, herbal adaptogens (such as ashwaganda, holy basil, schisandra or eleuthero that make up the Melts Herbal blends) will aid the body systems in adapting, thus minimizing the negative effects on the child's health. These plants can be taken daily in a capsule or as an extract however is it always best to speak to a dr prior to taking any supplement.

MTC oil is a dietary supplement made up of a type of fat referred to as “medium chain triglycerides”, derived from coconuts. MCT molecules are smaller than other commonly digested fats, therefore they are easier to digest and suggested to be a quick energy source. Research suggests that MCT oil may help improve energy and endurance and is also commonly referred to as brain fuel due to the body’s ability to easily break down MCTs as energy for brain cells passing the blood brain barrier.

All our products are Vegan and Keto friendly!

Nervines or nerve tonics are herbs that support and have a beneficial effect on soothing the nervous system in some way. They have great synergy in complementing and supporting adaptogens.

Ayurveda or Ayurvedic Medicine is an alternative medicine system with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent. It is a healthy lifestyle system that emphasizes good health, prevention/treatment of illness through lifestyle practices, and the use of herbal remedies.

Nootropics are drugs, supplements, and herbal substances that may enhance cognitive function, particularly executive functions. Particularly they are known to affect memory, creativity, and/or motivation in healthy individuals.

It is believed that this herb helps balance hormones in the endocrine system to build immunity, maximize stamina and increase energy levels. Studies have also shown that this herb can increase oxygen uptake and increase aerobic performance.

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