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Forbes People

Sanaz Bahrami, Champion Of Melts Infusions, Has Taken Self-Care To Supple Measures

Leading by example is no small task, especially when thousands of people are carefully watching. It takes a special kind of tenacity and self-awareness to propel your personal journey into the public eye, offering a glimpse into what’s possible when you simply listen to your body.

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Haute Living

Easy As 1, 2, 3: The Small But Mighty Line From Melts Infusions Taking Personal Wellness To The Next Level

Melts Infusions, a Vancouver-based wellness movement, wants to redefine the way we approach holistic autonomy in a busy world that spares no expense for quality self-care.

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California Herald

Ready To Bloom? Melts Infusions Will Soften Your Perceptions Of Plant-Power

Listen up! Your body is speaking, and it’s got plenty of advice to counter conventional protocols. 

When it comes to modern medicine, it can be challenging to find the right remedies for your ailments without dozens of side effects that potentially cause more harm than good.

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New York Weekly

The Importance Of Making Time, And How Melts Infusions Can Help

It’s officially summer, which means our senses and surroundings are amplified and absorbing everything under the sun, including the sun. Whether you’ve got your car loaded for a string of road trips or you’re planning to keep it low-key poolside, the season is bound to bring all kinds of stimulations, and under the heat of so much excitement, it’s imperative that we keep our mind and soul aligned throughout the adventures.

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The New York Express

The Simple Luxury Behind Melts Infusions Line Of Botanical Wellness

The world is a spinning top, and the best we can do is keep our mind balanced and in control throughout the rotations. Medicine for the soul is just as important as what we feed into our bodies, and wellness movements like Melts Infusions, the Vancouver-based plant powerhouse, are teaching us the importance of balance and where sound mind intersects with body.

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