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Privacy Policy

Melts Infusions is committed to respecting and safeguarding your privacy and the security of your personal information in compliance with applicable laws and the General Data Protection Regulation.

This Privacy Policy details the personal information we collect, how we collect it, and for what purposes. This means, among other things, that:

  • We establish for what purposes and on what legal bases we process personal information;
  • We strive to limit the personal data we collect to those strictly necessary for legitimate purposes;
  • When your consent is necessary, we request your express consent before proceeding with the processing of your personal information;
  • We put in place the necessary security measures to protect your personal information, and we demand the same from those who process personal data following our instructions;
  • We respect your right to request access and copy of your personal data, your right to rectification or deletion, and the other rights that assist you as provided below.

Please note that we also process personal data through the use of cookies and similar technologies.

Why We Collect Your Personal Information?

When you register an account, purchase any of the Melts Infusions brand products, or contact us by some other means, we ask you for some personal information about you and some optional information about how you use the Melts Infusions brand products. The primary purposes for which we use your personal data are the following:

Communicate with you personally, for example, by responding to your comments or requests for service, and by recording and handling complaints;

Keep you notified through our newsletters about our commercial developments and make personalized offers based on your order history and your response towards the website;

Conduct market research to improve our activity by understanding your requirements;

Administer your participation in surveys. Contests, promotions, or in the different functions of the website;

Manage your account on our website;

Comply with agreements, such as completing transactions, or managing and completing your purchases of Melts Infusions brand products or services linked to them;

Send status updates and service communications;

Send our notifications when changes are made to our policies or to any other legal document that may concern you;

Comply with legal obligations;

What Legal Bases Apply To The Processing Of Your Information?

We will only process your personal data when we have a legal basis for it. The statutory authority for the processing of personal information for the purposes is indicated below:

The consent you have given us to process your personal data (for example, if you have subscribed to our newsletter or have registered a Melts Infusions account)

The need for treatment for any other legitimate interests of which we are holders (such as processing IP addresses to prevent, detect or adequately respond to abusive actions against our website, or how to store additional information that allows us to identify your account)

The need for processing to comply with legal obligations (for example, tax law requires us to keep some customer data)

How We Collect Your Personal Data?

You can share your personal information with us in multiple ways, for example:

Subscribing to our newsletter;

Communicating with the customer service center by email, phone, and social media or in writing;

Registering your Melts Infusions brand product (either online or by forwarding the response card that accompanies the product duly completed);

Participating in promotions, events, contests, or online forums, or completing questionnaires or surveys about Melts Infusions brand products

Acquiring a Melts Infusions brand product or service directly from our website;

Registering an account;

Participating in activities on social networks related to Melts Infusions brand products, clicking "like" or "share";

Requesting to receive messages on your phone/mobile device;

Participating in product tests or surveys about them;

Registering on social networks through your Facebook account, LinkedIn, or any other social network to create an account or access;

When you access our websites and accept cookies, we send cookies to your computer or mobile device;

Personal Information We Process

Using the brand's products, you provide information that may include personal data to us, our representatives, or service providers. We will only store and use the personal data you provide us directly or provided to us for processing by the preceding or following what is detailed when such data is provided to us. We will not use personal information for any other purpose unless you have previously given us your consent.

We can process the latter categories of personal data:

Contact details such as full name, postal and email address, telephone number

Other personal data such as sex, date of birth (optional), nationality, language

Financial and transaction data such as bank account information, credit or debit card number

Account details such as username or password 

Information about your Melts Infusions product 

How We Share Your Personal Information?

We may share your personal data or information with third-party service providers or representatives (called "processors") who carry out specific processing activities on our behalf. The Third parties that may be, for example, the parties involved in a sales contract (payment service providers and courier service providers). 

 With all the parties that process your personal data on our behalf, we sign so-called "data processing agreements" so that such parties are legally bound to keep your data confidential. This is done to implement appropriate security measures, put in our knowledge any violation of your data's security, and assume other obligations tending to protect your privacy.

We will also disclose your personal data or information when required by law or necessary to prevent or combat fraud, resolve disputes, or any other legitimate need. 

How We Protect Your Information?

We protect your personal information with various security measures, which may include the use of secure registration forms, data encryption, or restricting access to your personal information.

What Are The Retention Periods?

The personal data or information collected will be retained for the time strictly necessary to comply with the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy, except in cases where the law provides or allows a longer period, or it is necessary and justified. Some examples:

- Your purchase. All personal information about your purchase will be kept until the order is fulfilled. For the two years following the end of the legal warranty period. Please note that there is a part of personal information that must be kept for a longer time to comply with certain legal (tax) obligations.

- Your account. The personal information related to your account (such as your username, password, invoices, and other personal data stored in your account) will be kept until the moment you decide to delete the account, and for the following three months.

Be sure to clarify in your request what personal information you want to change or whether or not you want us to remove your data from our database. We will only comply with requests that refer to personal information linked to the same email address used to send the request for your protection. We may need to verify your identity before fulfilling your request. We try to comply with your request as soon as reasonably possible.

Please note that we may need to keep certain information for file maintenance purposes or complete any transactions that you initiate prior to the modification or deletion request. For example, you may not change or delete the information provided when you purchase or sign up for a promotion until such purchase or promotion has been completed.


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